4000 Whitman Insulation

I have been doing a lot of research on house insulation and would like to make changes to the current insulation system. A good amount of the things, listed below, are already incorporated into the design of the house. Obviously, the problem with making changes is time. The permit from the city is about to get approved and demo should be happening early next week. So if we make changes in the insulation, those changes are eventually going to have to be resubmitted to the city for permit revisions. All of that is going to cost the project time. However, if we are smart about revisions, it should not delay the project significantly. That is the hope at least.

Also, and just for some clarification, I am putting them in the list below, so AODK, Casey, and I are all on the same page.

Insulation Goals


I Would like the basement to be a combination of the two basements pictured below. That is, a basement with both exterior and interior insulation. The exterior XPS insulation would migrate up the entire side of the building, up and around the roof, back down the opposite side of the building, and down towards the footer. This would give the building a complete and consistent envelope, and, in return, reducing thermal bridging. The interior insulation would consist ccSPF foam. The ccSPF would also migrate up the entire side of the building, up and around the roof, back down the opposite side of the building, and down towards the footer.


Basment with Closed Foam insulation




Exterior Walls

Exterior walls would follow the same insulation pattern as the rest of the house. XPS and ccSPF. All areas that have high thermal bridging potential, like rim joists, should be properly insulated as well. Furthermore, a rainscreen, which consists of an air gap, should be installed. And all areas that call for flashing should have flashing installed.

Exterior Wall





Vented/Conditioned Attic




Flat Roof ( Above the staircase )

The insulation should follow the design of the rest of the house, XPS over ccSPF.

Flat Roof